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Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Oskar Linke UFO Sighting

My pal Kevin Randle has presented a few postings about the early 1950s Oskar Linke sighting.
His most recent post dealt with the date of the sighting:

This from that posting:

“Hynek dated the case as July 9, 1952, but other sources said the sighting was June 17, 1950.”

I’ve written about the Oskar Linke sighting several times over the years, getting my information from the 1952 Fawcett booklet pictured here:
The Linke article in it [Page 142 ff.] comes from Antony Terry’s newspaper column in the London based Kemsley Newspapers.

And since the Fawcett publication is copyrighted 1952, I assume the Linke sighting took place in the earlier date, 1950, as the printing of the booklet would very likely have taken place too early in 1952 to include a sighting for that time-frame.

My interest in the sighting stems from its similarity to the 1964 Zamora/Socorro sighting:

Both witnesses stumbled upon a strange craft with two human-like figures, about 50 yards away; the figures wearing shimmering, metallic clothing in the Linke observation and white coveralls in the Zamora observation.

Zamora’s craft was egg-shaped whereas Linke’s “looked like [a] huge oval warming pan.” [Page 143]

Linke’s craft, once the figures re-entered it,, having been seen by the witness and his daughter, rose slowly then “swerved away … climbing over the hills …  toward Stockholm” having created “a whistling sound, rather like the noise of a falling bomb, but not nearly so loud.” [op.cit.]

These are drawings, made by an artist from Oskar Linke’s description of the craft, on the ground, and departing:
This is the affidavit that Linke and his step-daughter signed about their sighting:
This is a recap of the incident by UFO Evidence (which sets the sighting in 1952, errantly I think):

Oskar Linke was an escapee from Soviet Russia and an ex-mayor.

I’m disinclined to think he would perpetuate a hoax, much as we all agree that Police Officer Lonnie Zamora would unlikely create a hoax or fabricate his sighting.

Linke’s disk-like craft is attuned to a 1950ish technology: metallic with a conning tower that retracted into the craft when it took off.

(Zamora’s egg-shaped craft was odder, in that it wasn’t like space craft as depicted by fictional accounts or television/movies, or like pending space ships by the military.)

Linke’s object had all the earmarks of an actual craft that one might expect to see, from a Soviet or German technology of the time.

“Mr. George Edwards, chief designer for Vickers Aircraft, had this to say about [Linke’s] [German] East Zone ‘saucer’: If Herr Linke’s description is accurate, it may be that the machine is designed as a military hover plane. It would appear from his comment on it’s ‘glow’ that it houses a jet plant designed to provide vertical take-off.” [ibid, Page 144]



  • Todays jet aircraft are heard with a thundering, roaring, thrust sound, sometimes associated with a high pitch whistling noise, if this craft was powered by jet technology, would not the report have mentioned, the thundering roar of thrust? if not? what was the power source,that was a whistling sound,that was heard? It is, a thought to ponder, considering that todays reports on UFO are; with NO noise! not a sound, "suggesting" [Electro-magnetic gravitational forces]................

    By Blogger Daniel, at Saturday, December 31, 2016  

  • Daniel,

    yes,that´s interesting.UFO´s (whatever they are) seem to be very silent even they are very fast, somehow they won´t break the speed of sound? And still they´re observered by regular people? I guess I`ll start to believe that kryptoterrestrial therory..


    By Blogger Jerry Cornelius, at Saturday, December 31, 2016  

  • Everything in this story stretches the imagination including,
    how could anyone in his right mind think that telling that sensational and detailed lie under his current position - shortly after his arrival with his family (eight in all) as refugees in W.Berlin - would be a good idea, and on top of that bring into it one of his children.

    By Blogger Yvan D., at Wednesday, May 10, 2017  

  • 'Just got this link from a friend. Oskar Linke shows up in this short 1952 docu. but no word on when exactly the interview was conducted.

    By Blogger Yvan D., at Wednesday, May 10, 2017  

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