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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ufology: The Struggle for Relevance (Attention)

The Anomalist isn’t fond of the idea that UFOs are a dying or dead issue in human society.

The desperate tries to keep UFOs on the front burner of societal issues became futile long ago and, as I keep bemoaning here. UFOs are clutched by a dogged few who think, delusionally, that UFOs and Ufology are still at the forefront of mankind’s interest.

One need only to read commentary at UFO blogs and web-sites.

UFO buffs strive to delve into old cases, such as the 1976 Iranian encounter or even the mouldering 1947 Roswell incident.

Lengthy bromides to solve non-solvable UFO cases of old (Socorro and Rendlesham among them) are not only tiresome but absurd.

Yet, a silly few keep inserting “methodologies” for resolving or explaining old UFO cases.

The UFO phenomenon is, as a topic of interest to sane human beings, deader than a doornail.

I know some of you reading here disagree, but those disagreeing are deluded even mad (in the “insane” sense and angry) that someone, like me, would keep parading the UFOs are Dead mantra, while putting stuff about them online.

I know my own insanity, my delusional affection for UFOs.

But I’m afraid others of you aren’t cognizant of your obtuse obsession.

Yes, ongoing interest in UFOs is seemingly harmless, but often detrimental, as is the case with a popular “broadcasting” ufologist, who has sunk into publicized poverty, embarrassing himself and his wife and other UFO buffs by association.

The ongoing disease of ufological obsession is located at the fringe of human activity so, in that regard, it’s harmless, but at the personal level it’s debilitating and unless you who disagree accept that assessment, you’ll end up down and out, like a few who have already given up their lives for “things seen in the sky” which are as potty as fool’s gold.



  • For your next UFOs are dead piece, maybe there's something beyond the end:
    Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife by Leslie Kean

    By Blogger Curt Collins, at Saturday, December 31, 2016  

  • Thanks Curt...

    I've added Leslie's book to my Amazon buy list.

    (I hope you're not hinting that dead UFOs have an afterlife too.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, December 31, 2016  

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