UFO Conjectures

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Should UFOs and reports about them be a new psychiatric disorder/category?

Human society is inherently insane, evolving (or, rather devolving) into madness from the rise of homo sapiens to the complete insanity of today.

While some will argue that humankind is rational and well-behaved for a species derived from the animal kingdom, an objective observation of human activity shows, even in rather benign behavior, an irrational, illogical existence modality.

The craziness is nuanced sometimes and blatant at other times, but no matter how subtle or seemingly inconsequential, human activity, thought, and perception of how things are may be, the underlying modus of human life is as senseless as anything in the whole panoply of Earth’s specie world.

This may be the reason that an AI oriented creation may have visited and may be visiting this planet.

But, more reasonably, perhaps is the idea that nothing from elsewhere is visiting or has visited planet Earth and the reports of unusual things in the sky or on Earth (including UFOs, monsters, ghosts, bigfoot, et cetera) are really an intrinsic product of human mental illness, a universal madness, biologic or psychological in nature: original sin maybe.

Über-skeptic Zoam Chomsky thinks this is the case, as far as UFOs go, and he may be right.

Reviewing UFO accounts, one can’t escape the patina of absurdity that permeates the accounts.

UFO reports and their promulgating sightings have all the earmarks of delusional hallucinations or mass hysteria. That’s obvious to some.

UFO believers accept the delusional litany as true events, but that itself is psychiatric.

Mythology could fall into a similar psychiatric category; the onslaught of such tales derived from neurological or psychological malfeasances of creative brains: Homer, the Biblical authors, the writers of  Nordic, African, Maori, Aboriginal tales et al.

Yes, UFO sightings and their attendant reports can be a new, unique psychiatric category.

That would explain the enigma once and for all.