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Sunday, January 10, 2016

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Zero Effect is more than that, and UFOs are affected by measurement/observation

In the physics experiment, noted in my January 8th posting (just below this one), a measurement of atoms indicated they [the atoms] won’t move or didn’t move during measurement/observation.

This goes to the quantum maxim that measurement/observation disturbs or affects that which is being observed/measured.

I’ve dealt with this off-and-on over the years at this blog and the RRRGroup blog (among others, including my MediaWatch site and blogs).

Marshall McLuhan pointed out that when people (individually and in groups) are being observed, overtly, that is, they know they re being observed or photographed, they will act differently that they would if they didn’t know they were under observation.

The idea is rather basic as I see it.

I think this also may occur when UFOs are spotted, by eyesight, radar, or any other form of observation/measurement; that is, UFOs will be affected by or are affected by measurement/observation.

And depending upon the kind of observation/measurement, UFOs will react or are affected according to the essence of the measurement/observation:

If a person adopts a laissez faire attitude the spotted UFO will merely pass over or move on unsensationally.

But should the measurement or observation be intense, by the observer (who gets animated or overly excited) or a serious measurement (by optical equipment or radar tracking), the UFO will respond (and does) in a way that reflects an awareness of the observation or measurement, as seems the case in the atoms observation noted in the posting below this one (and quantum measurements generally).

This presupposes for some a telepathic connection, and it may be, but I prefer to think it’s a mechanism of AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms at work by the UFOs or their inhabitants, which are, for me, AI entities, programmed to interpret (intercept) probes and differentiate them (as to seriousness or importance).

Persons or machines observing/measuring UFOs are the arbiter of what the UFOs will do or how they react: a jet pursuing a UFO will get a different reaction than a passive witness on the ground.

(And those, who think that quantum theory only allows for “laws” relevant to the micro world, are out of the current quantum loop, where quantum effects are also induced into the macro world.)

N.B. Image used and  more about quantum measurement can be found here: