UFO Conjectures

Monday, February 15, 2016

Google (now Alphabet) to kill Blogger this year (2016)?

Silicon Valley is slightly abuzz with news that Google/Alphabet is ridding itself of elements that are not commercially viable: Blogger, Picasa, Google+, et cetera.

This means that we who use Blogger will no longer have a Google venue or blog with which to communicate.

I have a Wordpress account and others, as do some of you reading this, so we can transfer our meager efforts to those sites, and there is always, for now, Facebook, which many UFO buffs use for ufological ramblings. (FB gives them some feedback, at least, which isn’t happening at their blogs, this one among them.)

But the accumulated UFO effluvia that now resides on Blogger blogs will become extinct. (There are no plans by Google/Alphabet to provide a way to save Blogger content.)

With “ufology” dying, the loss of blogs, like this one or Kevin Randle’s et al., is no big deal.

However, it would be nice to have a revamped, modernized UFO UpDates, since the old version, moderated by codger-tyrant Errol Bruce-Knapp lost its cachet by catering to UFO geezers and prone to archaic communication methodology: for example, accented words were displayed like this _UFOs_ rather than like this UFOs.

Isaac Koi intended to set up a new UFO UpDates-like venue but I haven’t heard anything more about that.

Anyway, those who blog (a dying art-form itself) should prepare for the extinction or just move on to things more relevant – Facebook not being one of those important or relevant places for intelligent dialogue or commentary.