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Thursday, March 03, 2016

The Importance of UFOs? [Importance?]

While “ufology” is a moribund attraction for the greater segment of society, UFOs have, perhaps, an importance that rivals politics, religion, philosophy, and even science.

Here’s why….

UFOs – strange things (not necessarily “objects”) in the sky – represent something, but what?

Are they intrusions from extraterrestrials?

Are they visitors from time? Or other dimensions?

Are they evolutionary artificial intelligences, from elsewhere or our future?

Are they harbingers of some kind?

Are they representations of human madness, through the ages?

Are they, then, Jung’s mandalas, indicating human mental malfeasance?

Are they a phenomenon or phenomena that is unknown, but benign or significant in some way?

Whatever UFOs are or may be, they, while not important to the great unwashed masses, have to signify something, and if that something is any of the above, then UFOs are important.

Even if they are a chimera of the social mind, a construct of myth or stupidity, that is important, and should be addressed.

Whatever UFOs are – even as they do not impact practical considerations or everyday living – they do denote, almost surreptitiously to public awareness, a phenomenon or reality that bespeaks something consequential.

But that something is not a thing to get overworked about. Life intrudes.

However, for those who like to know what underpins reality and life, UFOs are something that suggests serious scrutiny and scientific-like observation or study.

Now, if only UFO buffs would really take UFOs seriously and not use them as a hobby or past-time, then one might be able to justify the time spent (by me and others).

(And a lack of commentary here and at other blogs and web-sites where serious offerings about UFOs appear – not by me but others, Caravaca, Redfern, Randle, et al. – is shameful, disheartening.)