UFO Conjectures

Friday, March 04, 2016

Anxious to be silly

Many UFO buffs are loath to engage in serious debate or dialogue about UFOs or anything related.

But those same UFO aficionados rush to leave silly, not-quite-humorous commentary at blogs that open the door for such inane jocularity.

This is happening right now at Kevin Randle’s blog where Kevin opened the door to silliness by presenting a fictional scenario where he and other military went to Mars (some still there) to engage in warfare with the Martian populace.

If one wants to get comments for their blogs, all they have to do is open their blog or web-site to a foolish topic, or crack a joke in an otherwise serious subject.

(This is the bane of Facebook and Twitter also.)

This non-comic approach to the UFO issue just adds one more nail in the coffin of ufology.

It’s truly sad and so unfunny.