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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Another Roswell intrusion -- No, not an invasion or crash, just more ongoing detritus

I received this e-mail last week (which also went to other UFO buffs):

Osvaldo Carigi  (Mar 2, 2016)


two questions:

1) What is your interpretation of symbols described by Jesse Marcel Jr.?

2) In your opinion the aliens of RoswelL ufo-crash where are they from?

Thanks for your answers.
I told Osvaldo to ask Kevin Randle or David Rudiak.

Meanwhile, Osvaldo got the following responses, so far, from those more interested in Roswell than I am:
Edward Gehrman  

Good Morning Osvaldo,

The symbols described by Jesse were probably the same as the symbols found on the beams connected with the Alien Autopsy.

These are some form of ancient writing, closely connected to Greek.

Michael Hesemann wrote:

"When I first saw the hieroglyphs on the I-beams, I immediately recognised a similarity with the Greek and Phoenician alphabets.  Indeed, both of them have a common origin and belong to the same 'family' as the many different Semitic alphabets-Aramaic, Sabaeic, Samaritan, Hebrew, Protocanaanitic, Nabataeic and Arabic-which all originate from the hieroglyphic alphabet, one of the four main groups of Egyptian
hieroglyphs (the others being two- and three-syllable signs and ideograms).

Interestingly enough, inscriptions which clearly belong to the same family of alphabets, but pre-date the Phoenician or even the Egyptianculture, have been found all over the world-in Peru (Ylo),41 Ecuador
(Cuenca),42 Brazil (Piedra Pintada),43 France (Glozel, Maz d'Azil),44 onthe Canary Islands,45 and elsewhere.  Because of their similarity withthe Phoenician alphabet, I call them "Proto-Phoenician". (More at site)


I don't know where the creatures live presently, or how they make a living, but I believe that they are our cousins, evolved mammals who developed a civilization on earth long before there were tarsier for humans to evolve from. I don't think they mean any harm any more than we mean harm to lab rats or chimps.
Philip Mantle

Hi ed,

No they were not.

Edward Gehrman [Still pushing the Alien Autopsy nonsense. RR]


Do you have any evidence that the symbols described by Jesse are not connected to the symbols in the AA debris, or are you just assuming that's so because you think the AA and the cameraman are a hoax?  How have you been?
Dennis Balthaser

A better question would be, does anyone have factual information that an autopsy was ever done. The Santilli film has been disproven many times. I'm sure the military would have had a procedure to study the bodies, but in my 30 years of researching Roswell no one has ever provided factual documentation of an autopsy being done.

I did lectures with Jesse Jr, been to dinner with the families, and emailed and phoned each other many times. Back in 1947 when Maj. Marcel and Jesse referred to the symbols looking like hieroglyphics, that was about the only thing they could reference the symbols to. They did not say they were, but resembled them.

I think this whole discussion revolves around someone presenting factual information that an autopsy is documented somewhere. I don't believe that has been done in the past 68 years.

Edward Gehrman 


The Santilli autopsy has not been "disproven" many times.  There isn't any evidence that the AA is a hoax.

Spyros says he created the creature from his own mind and then gave his idea to John Humphrey, but John has stated very clearly that he made his creature from film supplied by Ray Santilli.

Spyros has created the ultimate illusion by claiming film credits for something he had no part in.

Reconsideration of the alien autopsy and the debris and the cameraman's drawings and the crash site is the key to begin to understand UFO, and Roswell, and the Plains,and many other unanswered questions.

Philip Mantle


Dennis Balthaser 

Nothing else needs to be said.

Edward Gehrman 

Philip, Dennis, All,

The so-called "evidence" that the Alien Autopsy is a hoax  and Spyros's claims that he is responsible need to be reexamined, especially his explanation as to how he constructed the creature.  It's understandable why there is still confusion over Roswell when researchers continue to ignore important evidence like the crash site,cameraman's drawings and the uncut  AA footage.

There may be more responses coming, which I'll end up getting as I'm on the Osvaldo mailing list.

But I only provide this material to show that Roswell still gets inordinate attention by UFO aficionados, even though the matter has been defunked by time and the silly extrapolations derived from the 1947 incident by those who see the matter as the UFO-ET "smoking gun."