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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

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UFO events that indicate (for me) Artificial Intelligence

(Once more I used Patrick Huyghe’s 1996 book, pictured, for UFO sightings and/or creatures that may be identified as machine-like.)
The 1979 Robert Taylor (Scotland) episode strikes me as an encounter with an AI machine…..from where, I have no speculation. It’s one of the most striking cases for an AI incident.

As Bob Taylor rounded a corner he came across a spherical object in a woodland clearing. Approximately 20 feet (6 meters) across and 12 feet high (3.65 meters), the object appeared to be made of a dark-grey metallic material. At times the UFO seemed to be transparent as if trying to disguise itself.

A narrow edge of some kind ran around the outside of the object and some dark patches, which looked like portholes, could be seen on the body of the object.

When Bob Taylor began to approach, the UFO dropped - from its bottom half - two spheres with protruding metal spikes which looked like old naval mines. These two small objects, of which each was approximately three feet wide, were made of the same dark metallic material as the larger object.

Approaching Taylor, the small spheres with legs-like spikes left pattern-like tracks on the ground while rolling towards him. Then grabbed his trousers (tearing them) and began to drag the man along the ground towards the UFO.

Taylor described the object as "a dark metallic material with a rough texture like sandpaper" featuring an outer rim "set with small propellers".

Taylor claims he experienced a foul odor "like burning brakes" and that smaller spheres "similar to sea mines" had seized him and were dragging him in the direction of the larger object when he lost consciousness.
The 1965 Jerry Townsend (Long Prairie, Minnesota) encounter smacks of a bizarre affair, which could be psychotic in essence or one which came upon AI machines:

As Townsend stared in shock at the craft, he suddenly knew he wasn’t alone. Three metal entities, about the size and shape of beer cans, walked awkwardly on two legs from beneath the rocket and stood between it and Townsend. The entities put down a third leg that acted as a tripod and sat staring at Townsend.
The 1977 Lee Parrish (Prospect, Kentucky) can only be seen as contact with a machine.

Lee first saw the object hovering just over the tree line, between 100 and 220 feet off the road and at an altitude of 100 to 150 feet. The object appeared to be about 10 feet tall and 40 feet long. Its shape appeared perfectly rectangular.
The 1957 Mary Starr (Old Saybrook, Connecticut) episode really indicates creatures with AI or machine characteristics.

Through its lighted windows Mrs. Starr saw two figures that passed each other, walking in opposite directions.

"I could see that it [the object] was so shallow that the men could not have been more than three and a half or four feet tall," she told the investigators.

The occupants' right arms were raised but no hands were visible. They wore a kind of jacket that "flared out" at the base, and their heads were unusual - square or rectangular, red-orange in color, and with a brighter red "bulb" in the center.
The 1977 Antonio La Rubia (Paciencia, Brazil) event is truly odd, but the creatures are technological-like.

Antonio saw three "robots" positioned near him. They were one meter, 40 centimeters (about four feet) tall, but their antennae, which jutted out of the middle (tops) of their heads extended far enough to extend beyond his height (which is approximately five feet, five inches). The heads of the creatures were shaped like American footballs, with a band extending across the middle, horizontally, which looked like a row of small mirrors of a blue shade, one a little darker than the others.

The bodies, Antonio said, were stocky, the trunk broader than his own (he is muscular, but of slender build). They had appendages for arms which he compared to elephants' trunks, and which narrowed down to pointed tips, resembling one finger. Their bodies were made of a rough substance resembling scales.
The 1951 Fred Reagan (Airplane sighting) has the earmarks of a mechanical object or creature. (I’ve covered this case earlier here.)

He found himself inside the UFO [flying saucer], in the presence of small glistening beings, about three feet tall and looking like “huge stalks of metallic asparagus.”
There are other UFO instances or incidents that have a patina of AI about them, as I see it, and I’ll provide more upcoming.

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