UFO Conjecture(s)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ufology’s Indigent Class

Ufology is, by its very nature, laughable and dismissable.

But that laughable status is exacerbated by the poverty level of those who are immersed in the “study” of UFOs; I use the word “study” in a laughable way also.

It seems that, by the evidence of the clothes worn, the demeanor of ufological practitioners, and the plight of UFO web-sites and blogs, UFO proponents are in a desperate need for money.

(I won’t go into the embarrassing situation of The Paracast’s Gene Steinberg. That is too painful and base to further with commentary.)

Let’s look at such sites as The UFO Chronicles and Above Top Secret, to name a few, which throw everything but a kitchen sink into the UFO mix, to try and attract visitors and enhance the few pennies those sites receive from egregious, and sometimes sickening ads.

One can (almost) empathize with the economic slump that ufologists find themselves in, but they have, in most cases, brought their plight upon themselves by indulging in the UFO topic to the exclusion of maintaining a healthy capital existence.

There is a delusional belief that UFOs will bring a surfeit of monies if one plays the game correctly.

Stanton Friedman, Whitley Strieber, Jerry Clark, and even my friend Nick Redfern seem to have made some dollars from their writings or UFO enthusiasms.

But those dollars are paltry, as Nick has often attested.

The few cents that web-site/blog advertising brings in for those stuffing their sites with such detritus is pitiful and, again, embarrassing.

Seeing scruffy ufologists on pathetic TV shows about UFOs merely exacerbates the image of UFO buffs as a tramp-group.

UFO people look like bums, and act like bums.

That’s why some of us keep our interest in the hobby under wraps in our social lives.

The rest have sold their public image out by using Facebook to broadcast their feeble attempts at acceptance with UFO-inspired rants and commentary while showcasing how vulnerable they have become to the economic vicissitudes that the “study” of UFOs have subjected them too.

It’s one more example of the sad state of ufology: a poor man’s hobby and a blow to intelligence and intellectualism.

That it (ufology) is on its last legs is blatantly obvious, and one more example of a person going into bankruptcy will surely kill off the pursuit for those of the millennial class, who eschew UFOs for things more viable to personal existence.