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Sunday, April 03, 2016

A UFO Meme

This cartoon, one of many UFO cartoons in media (this one from The New Yorker, 4/4/2016, Page 76), perpetuates the little grey space being meme, embedding the idea in the public mind, and continuing the stereotype initiated by the Roswell mythology:

And some of you think Earth is significant!

UFOs: The semiotic lacuna

My fascination with the Zamora/Socorro symbol – no matter which one is the real insignia he saw on his observed alien [strange] craft – is not augmented by UFO symbols reported by observers of the phenomenon, and highlighted in the literature.
Why not?

There is a dearth of credible witnessing of writing or signs/symbols on UFOs or the alleged uniforms of beings associated with a UFO encounter.

There are these (which I’ve covered at this blog and others):

But are their any credible (authentic) signs or symbols ufologists could research (or better, have a qualified expert, a semiotician, review)?

There are none.

The Socorro insignia/symbol is a creation of a human agency [CIA/Hughes Aircraft].
 The UMMO symbol was a hoax. 
The Adamski-provided symbols on Orthon’s shoe-imprints and film slice are contrivances – and not good ones – by “Professor” Adamski.
An absence of signs or symbols can mean a number of things:

UFOs are figments of imagination, where a symbol cannot be induced, unless hoaxed (as an imagined UFO doesn’t have the linguistic neural, syntactical connection necessary to replicate a symbol):

Alien [ET] cultures don’t rely on linguistics (where symbols are an integral part) but use another form of communication (telepathy?):

An extraterrestrial civilization employs emotions (or something else) to communicate, without a need to verbalize or create language associations; that is, aliens would not use thought or thinking like the human model of reason and language, as one sees in whales or dolphins.

The lack of received transmission sounds, verbalizations (“voices”) in UFO encounters via aircraft or on the ground indicates a non-hearing kind of communication where one might see symbols employed. But as there are no such symbols, one has to conclude that UFOs are either a false phenomenon or space craft containing species so unlike Earthlings that connecting with them will not be, cannot be, a rational interplay.

Although Betty Hill proclaimed a map and book aboard the UFO that allegedly abducted her and her husband, Barney, the inclusion of both in her testimony bespeaks either a confabulation or an induced hallucination anchored in human reality, not alien reality.

While a few UFO encounters [the 1967, Police Officer Schermer episode, for example, where a serpent insignia was seen on an alien uniform -- http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case659.htm -- such imagery comes by way of hypnosis and, thus, have the intrusions of memory material implicit in them.
Of course, any supposed recorded (witnessed) extraterrestrial intrusion might be an observation of a civilization so removed from a need for linguistics, and symbols or signs, that to expect any is a human projection only.

With odds against ET visitation – Earth is too inconsequential for the many reported UFO sightings – a lack of symbols seen on the tangible phenomenon is either caused by that lack of neural ability to insert symbols or signs upon an hallucinated vision or UFOs are a phenomenon devoid of communication aspects; that is, a natural or unknown amorphous phenomenon.