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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Why UFO believers need ETs (Or the Being and Nothingness argument)

Jean-Paul Sartre’s tome, Being and Nothingness, the hallmark work underpinning his brand of existentialism, is a necessary read for those who want to gather clues for en causa sui.

But the work underlines, for me, what motivates ET believers, inside and outside ufology.

Gasping for some meaning in life, with all the unexplained vicissitudes of life, many hope for answers before they depart this Earthly vale.

Why are we here? How did we come to be here? Is there a God? Is life eternal? How did the Universe (the cosmos) begin ex nihilo? And so on.

Science, religion, philosophy, and the human mind haven’t answered any of those questions and many. many more.

Sartre’s masterwork deals with the ethical/moral question facing humanity, but also presents an overlay of the perplexing questions we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives, if we are compos mentis.

I’ve always been perplexed by the fanaticism of those who think that extraterrestrials are (and have been) circumnavigating the Earth.

But that fanaticism is easily explained by the anxiety that Sartre poses in his work, “the anguish in the face of the future.” [Being and Nothingness: An Essay on Phenomenological Ontology, The Philosophical Library, Inc., NY 1956, Page 32 ff.]

Ufologists aren’t the smartest subset of humanity but its members do fret about the meaning of things, including the questions of being.

Without answers coming forth – which we all acknowledge – UFO buffs, of the ETH (Extraterrestrial Hypothesis), seem to be more anxious about non-answers than the rest of us, exacerbated by their inability to fathom the profound questions provoked.

They thus wish for, hope that an alien race from outer space might be able to provide some answers to those nagging, ontological questions, along with some mundane technological questions, which the atheistic among ufologists would like answered: how do ETs travel between the stars, what are their civilizations like, do they have sex, et cetera.

Otherwise how to explain the ongoing stupidity that encompasses UFO ET belief?