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Saturday, April 09, 2016

The Roswell to Aztec Transmogrification

Toward the denouement of the May 5th, 2015 Roswell mummy fiasco, I was transfixed by the idea that the original owners of the so-called Roswell slides were connected to Silas Newton who was instrumental in providing Frank Scully with the Aztec hokum as delineated in Scully’s 1950 book Behind the Flying Saucers.

There was no connection and the attempt to link the characters had to be abandoned, and rightfully so.

But that doesn’t take away my feeling(s) that The Newton/Scully farrago, the alleged Aztec flying saucer crash, was an extrapolation of something Newton got from the Army with whom he had oil dealings.

Newton concocted the Aztec story from fragments he overheard or heard directly from military cronies. [See my previous postings online here and elsewhere outlining this.]

The Ramsey/Warren defense of Aztec as an authentic flying saucer event is a belief oriented “theory” not unlike the contrived Roswell incident, both steeped in invented materials or cultural memory flukes.

But Roswell, as flawed and circumscribed as it was in the years immediately after 1947, was the protagonist for Newton’s contrivance which he used to flimflam investors out of their money.

The co-incidental aspects of both stories are attuned to a kind of certitude, as one will find explained in the current issue [May/June 2016] of Biblical Archaeology Review: Surprising Parallels Between Joseph [in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament] and King Esarhaddon by Eckart Frahm. [Page 43 ff.]

Writer Frahm compares the Biblical story of Joseph and his brothers with text known as Nineveh A and Eric Leichty’s The Royal Inscriptions of Esarhaddon, King of Assyria (60-669 B.C.

The Assyrian story duplicates or provides grist for the Joseph story in Genesis 37-50, and Frahm writes this:

“The Story of the rise to power of the Assyrian king Esarhaddon may well have served as a particular important model for the Biblical authors’ treatment of Joseph’s conflicts with his brothers.

If so, Ersarhaddon was not the only Mesopotamian ruler who left his mark on a central figure of the Hebrew Bible. The episode of Moses’s birth and upbringing may have been modeled on the birth legend of King Sargon of Akkad and the story of Jonah on legends about the Assyrian queen Sammuramat-Semiramis … In all these cases, however, the Biblical authors thoroughly transformed their models." [Page 63]

And most of you know about Noah’s flood story, which appears in many ancient texts, including the earlier work (before The Bible), the Epic of Gilgamesh.

My point is that Newton took elements from the Roswell event, which he heard from his military contacts (or even remembered from news stories of 1947) and confabulated the Aztec scenario, for mercenary gains.

Scully was just a patsy, duped by Newton and GeBauer:

That mythologies are often derivative or sprung from other mythologies is a given in scholarly circles and academia.

Aztec is one.


Are we living in a computer simulation?