UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why are Canadian media reporting so many UFO sightings there?

Are UFOs, as ET believers see them, invading the upper north in scads?

Is the phenomenon showing up in droves because there is a climate change or a meteorological change spurring sightings of it, the “phenomenon”?

Are the sightings a new manifestation of mass hysteria, by Canada’s normally sane populace?

Are Canada media suffering slow news days?

What accounts for the current upsurge in UFO sightings/reports in the Canadian provinces, especially Quebec?

We assume that extraterrestrials aren’t finding this planet anew and checking it out again and again. Such visitations are imaginary and idiotic.

And Canada’s news media is not prone to be sensational as news media is here in the U.S. or in Britain.

Has something happened in the atmosphere that is causing a spurt of a environmental anomaly? (That may be a possibility, one easily checked one would think, if UFOs were taken seriously.)

Or have Canadians suddenly gone mad? (Paul Kimball might address that for us.)

UFOs, showing up in such numbers as those being reported, are called by ufological mavens “flaps.”

I’d call it a matter of anxiety crisis, sort of in the Jungian mode of UFO interpretation, but that would only be a haggard guess. (My mother was from Canada and a little nuts, but that before UFOs came on the scene.)

So what have we here with this reportage? Tell me…