UFO Conjectures

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Comic Book Memories and Flying Saucer People, Cigar-shaped UFOs, et cetera?

While perusing this compilation of various, early DC comic books, I noted that many images (from comics during the 1940s/1950s flying saucer heyday) duplicate, almost in dream-like recall, images that flying saucer witnesses used when they described a sighting or flying saucer event.

Having pointed out, in the past here, that memory may very well insert itself in UFO reports, as extrapolations or enhancements of prosaic/mundane sightings, I see a connection.

I’ve titled the comic book pictures here with their dates, so you can see that most predate major sightings in the early, modern era of UFOs (flying saucers), even one with a Loch Ness-like configuration:

Did persons, in their adolescent years, embed such images, only to have them resurface when they spotted something strange in their adult environment?

Or did persons see something strange and then impose upon it, familiar images from their impressionable past?

The mind is a funny thing, just like UFOs. The two seem to work in tandem.