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Saturday, April 23, 2016

SuperIntelligence, the Singularity, and Roko's Basilisk

Just got Nick Bostrom's book -- Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies [Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 2014/2016] in which he eschews the term "singularity" opting for "machine intelligence" instead.

(I'll have more about Professor Bostom's ideas, in the book, upcoming.)

A few weeks ago, Joel Crook sent me an e-mail touting Eliezer Yudkowsky and content about Roko's Basilisk. Joel provided these links:

Roko Basilisk link


The material impacts the super intelligence dialogues online.

There is consternation, all over academia and the internet, about The Singularity, machine intelligence, and AI (artificial intelligence).

What this has to do with UFOs is grist for speculation here that the enigmatic phenomenon may stem from von Neumann-like probes, scouring the Galaxy (Universe or Cosmos), probes which are intelligent [AI] machines.

For instance, in Albert S. Rosales' book, Humanoid Encounters: The Others Amongst Us 2000-2009 [Triangulum Publishing, 2015], setting aside the plethora of insane, hallucinatory accounts, there are several reported incidents that seem to indicate intelligent machines showing themselves to witnesses. For example, on Page 64 is a June 1-4, 2001 sighting in Narli Esme, Usak, Turkey:

Three villagers, on their way to their farm, saw a "strange figure" hovering just above the ground. It was about 70 cm in height and robotic in appearance, wearing a shiny, silvery outfit, yellow colored torso, and red boots. It had a large, rounded head with small slit like eyes.

The villagers threw stones at the thing, which rose up, to about 20 meters and shot towards a nearby water tank and disappeared from sight.

Other villagers saw strange lights and others saw the "alien" in their farm and also threw stones at it, making it fly away.

I've recounted other UFO reports which seem to show machines interacting with humans -- the 1979 Robert Taylor "attack" in Scotland, for one.

Give a read of the Yudkovsky material, linked above, and make an attempt to get your hands on some of Bostrom's thinking, along with that of Ray Kurzweil.

You'll see that a case can be made for super-machine-intelligence, perhaps showing up here on planet Earth from inter-galactic probes, stumbling upon this pathetic ball of life, eons ago and programmed to check back, over and over again as species evolve here.

(The Roko Basilisk scenario is just odd and fictionally frightening.)