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Monday, April 25, 2016

What happened to the recent Ramey-memo review?

A short while ago, visitors to Kevin Randle’s blog were agog about a new attempt to determine, after the successful revelation of the so-called Roswell mummy plaque, what the piece of paper held in General Roger Ramey’s hand during the photo-taking of the 1947 Roswell debris actually contained, word-wise.

A select group of Roswell mummy “decoders” and others were called upon to extend David Rudiak’s long-time attempt to decipher the Ramey-memo content.

A lot of commentary ensued but then the matter seems to have disappeared into a ufological black hole.

If this is the extent of UFO research by UFO buffs, it’s pretty sad.

Enthusiasm and seriousness, like all things UFO related are short-lived (usually non-existent).

When scientists, researchers of various disciplines, and serious hobbyists get hold of a thing that they find interesting or unexplained, they dig in and tackle the matter until there is a resolution, or a denouement of some kind, even one that concludes the explanation sought cannot be forthcoming, a rare denouement, as real curiosity is not so easily sated.

So, where does the Ramey-memo scrutiny stand?


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