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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Is Facebook a new religion or a cult like Scientology?

What has this to do with UFOs? Facebook has usurped many if not most UFO buffs, who use the internet site to provocate their UFO views.

Facebook pages have replaced a lot of UFO web-sites and blogs.

(I, too, have several Facebook pages: one for media, and one that has a UFO tinge but only a tinge, and a few others.)

CNBC’s financial pundits exclaimed recently [4/28], after a hefty increase in the share value of Facebook, that Mark Zuckerberg’s creation is a “religion.”

I see Facebook as a devious created entity, much as I view L. Ron Hubbard’s goofy-based cult.

Facebook participants, and there are billions, are so attracted to the site that many have abandoned reason and life to fill their days with Facebook fluff, which is ubiquitous and egregious.

Facebook is an insidious intrusion into thoughtful living, and the bulk of commentary at Facebook is moronic, most of it inane beyond inanity.

Yet, Facebook attracts people in ways that religions or cults have never been able to do. Why? It’s not just herd-instinct. It’s something more dangerous.

That Facebook use by UFO buffs has diminished protracted, reasoned discourse about the UFO phenomenon, exchanging discourse for emojis and the desire to be liked is saddening.

But there is nothing to be done. The membership in Facebook is a tsunami that will increase unabated, taking all of us into its comforting arms of feigned friendship.

Not only will ufology succumb, but other artifacts of society, and culture, replaced by doltish input which dumbs down civilization in ways that religions or cults only wish they could.


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