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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

UFOs, UAP, and classic “flying saucer” cases….one more time

Julien [Hessdalen Lights] is fascinated by the idea that UFOs are really UAP, and maybe akin to the phenomenon from which he derives his online name.

And he has a valid reason for his interest; some UFO [UAP?] sightings are caused by observers (witnesses) seeing a strange, atmospheric light in the overhead.

In a response to a comment of his, with video, I wrote that I wasn’t particularly intrigued (interested) in overhead lights, no matter how odd they might be.

I’m entrenched in the “old school” thinking that some UFOs have shown a preference for thoughtful movement and have a tangibility that bespeaks metal or something like metal, and some apparently disgorge odd creatures or beings, if the witnesses are not insane or have their senses in order.

(I lump many of the creature episodes in an hallucinatory scenario, but the intelligent like maneuvering or metallic-like sheen, again, if the witnesses are compos mentis is indicative of something real but still bizarre.)

The idea of UFOs (or flying saucers) being the vanguard of extraterrestrial visitors is a preposterous idea for me: the Earth being such a backwater, insignificant planet, in the great cosmic scheme of things.

But I do allow that one or two sightings, over the millennia of reported sightings of odd things in the sky or on the ground, might be von Neumann-like probes of intelligent machines or artificial intelligent constructs – a matter I continue to pour forth here.

And let me say this about classic UFO cases/sightings via an analogy:

If you came home from dinner out or a vacation and found that marauders had visited your home or living space, I don’t think you’d set the incident aside, awaiting for a future or new visit.

You’d want to know who or what had invaded your space, yes?

Those who decry interest in classic UFO cases are wrong to bellyache about the concern some of us have about old flying saucer or UFO sightings/events.

This means that the Arnold sighting, Roswell, the Rhodes and Trent photos, Socorro and a plethora of other notable sightings in UFO lore are worthy of continued thought and investigation or conjecture.

So, whether UFOs are really UAP or even figments of the human imagination, they remain a curiosity for many of us, and are worthy of ongoing attention, despite the nagging plea of naysayers for us to move on.