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Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Roswell Kite?

This fair use excerpt from the copyrighted photo, owned by the University of Texas at Arlington, of the alleged Roswell "debris," shows Haut's "flying disk" (and Brazel's gathered materials) to be a kite:
Did anyone check to see if some (Proctor?) kids were flying a kite, near the Brazel farm, on that July day in 1947?



For Julien

UFOs and Time

Time can be manipulated, as Einstein postulated and which these books (from my personal library) confirm:

Man and Time by J.B. Priestly [Dell/Laurel, NY, 1964]

Time Warps by John Gribben [Delacorte Press/Eleanor Friede, NY, 1979]

The Nature of Space and Time by Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose [Princeton University Press, NJ, 1996]

A Briefer History of Time by Stephen Hawking with Leonard Mlodinow [Bantam, NY, 2005]

It would seem, to me, that Earth’s scientists might, in the future, be able to manipulate time, allowing trips forward and backward in the stream of existence.

If so, that might account for the superimposition of UFOs in the skies over the Earth for millennia.

Gribben, in his book [above] provides a chapter [3, Page 45 ff] wherein he recounts the paradoxes and possibilities of time travel, and refers to Moorcock’s Behold the Man (one of my favorite Sci-Fi stories) and mentions Ward Moore’s Bring the Jubilee [Page 55] and end the chapter with a note about a “backwards universe running alongside our own.” [Page 65]

Priestley, in his book [above], recounts almost all – it was written in the early 60s so there is more about time since then – the philosophical and physical theories and conjectures, from early ruminations (primitive and historical).

And Hawking with Mlodinow and Penrose accepts space-time as conquerable for travel, positing, in the Penrose partnership, a “contentious” discussion of decoherence within white and black holes but agreeing that QM (quantum mechanics) and the R operation “might be a link to spacetime structure.”  And also noting that because of entropy, “Would the time-reversed situation not violate the second law of thermodynamics?” to which Hawking answers, “The system is moving ergodically among all possible states, so there is no violation.” [Page 136]

So, one can see that the current laws of physics permits time-travel.

Thus, one can speculate that Earth’s advanced, future scientists will solve the time problem, and be able to go back-and-forth in the historical sequence, at least to observe what has transpired before their time(s).

Does that mean future Earthians could or would alter events?

That’s a question to conjure with surely, but it doesn’t seem that time-travelers from our future have done so, or are very callous in their benign neglect of this civilization’s tragedies, many of which you can recall.

(You notice that I do not offer the suggestion that UFOs come from advanced extraterrestrials – because of my view that aliens from afar would not be advancing upon Earth in the numbers that UFO reports indicate. Aliens would not be that interested in this small, non-descript planet, no matter how much some of you think Earth and we humans plus the species here are special. In all the cosmos, and possible multiverses or other dimensions, there surely has to be peoples, species, and artifacts much more interesting than what this rock proffers.)

But if future members of Earth’s humanity retain the curiosity that Earth's men and women have expressed over the years, with investigations and expeditions, one can surmise that they would come back, now and then, to see what preceded them, or even caused some of their problems and enhancements.

The abrupt disappearance of many UFOs obviates the ability to move in and out of space-time.

The apparent scrutiny of various aspects of Earth’s geographies and activities, plus environmental perusal makes sense for those who would be impacted later by them, whereas a surveillance of those elements of this planet would be irrelevant for those from an alien civilization or planet, not affected bb the vicissitudes of this planet’s existence, which is unique….I’ll give that to those who think Earth is special.

So, UFOs may come from time, our future (or other universes or dimensions, but that for a different posting).

I’d appreciate your views.