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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Science subliminally believes in God?

When some scientists – more than one might expect – suggest we’re living in The Matrix or our existence may be a computer simulation, they are acknowledging that something beyond us – something greater than us – is responsible for our existence, for reality.

What is suggested, therefore, is that the Universe and us, in it, are the algorithmic creation of the gods or God. (There is no other way around it.)

And for those who are familiar with The Kabbalah will note that the Kabbalistic conception of the nature of God is mimicked by science’s conception of The Big Bang.

From The Zohar (about the Sefiroth) in The Kabbalah: The Religious Philosophy of the Hebrews by Adolphe Franck [Bell Publishing Co, NY, MCMXL]:

“Before having created any form in the world, before having produced any image, He was alone, without form, without resemblance to anything. Who could conceive Him as He was then, before the Creation, since he was formless?” [Page 86]

“He began by forming an imperceptible point; that was His own thought … He then began to construct a mysterious and holy form; finally He covered it with a rich radiant garment – that is to say the universe …” [Page 89]

So, let’s not pretend that science and its practitioners are atheistic because, in their heart of hearts, they believe in God.