UFO Conjectures

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Callow, evangelical scientists

While watching, today [5/18/16] a series of shows about the Universe on the Science channel, I was disturbed by something I’ve noticed during NASA’s moonshots and other scientific endeavors, mostly those involved with space, the cosmos….and it’s this.

Scientists, not all, but many, exude a mind-set that isn’t far from that of evangelical Christians: a euphoric state of mindless ecstasy, steep in belief and faith and an optimistic joy that is adolescent.

The scientists used in the Science channels show I watched [The Big Bang, Life on Saturn’s moons, and Dark Energy] were gaga about the possibility of travel to far off places in the Solar System (and Universe), something that they will never be able to enjoy in thiir lifetimes, but still a giddy adventure they anticipate, for humans.

Such mental (emotional, psychological) excitement is so like the rapture of goofy Christians hoping for a sojourn in Heaven after death that it belies the intellectual caution and dignity that is supposed to be the essence of science.

One scientist, so enraptured by space travel (using interplanetary hotel stops and interstellar taxi cabs) was beside himself, shaking with juvenile excitement like that we used to enjoy, as kids, at Christmas time.

Science and its practitioners are just as faith-oriented and often ridiculous as Christians who think Jesus is still extant and paying attention to them.

I think UFO buffs can ignore the plaints of scientists about ufology and the interest  of UFO believers, because science is just as intellectually immature, and maybe more so.