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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Alpine Cave Art: Why?

Alpine Cave Art

Narrow thinking [redux]

Let me re-iterate my grumpiness with how ufologists, UFO buffs think (some of them)…

When I suggest – half-heartedly – that insects (bees, ants, et cetera) or plants may have evolved into intelligent, space or time traveling species, I make the supposition based upon premises that are untied to how evolution has worked here, on Earth, the Darwinian theory.

If other living, intelligent entities – elsewhere (in time or another dimension or universe) – arose, and were able to maneuver in and out of their existent framework, they would very likely have evolved to do so along different lines than what species here did.

So, countering my speculations (and those of others, like Gerald Heard) with sidebars about the vicissitudes of evolution on planet Earth are unimaginative and intellectually febrile.

The course of advancement by possible – possible! – species off Earth would not be dictated by the factors involved with evolution here.

To bring in commentary here, that is constrained by the environmental circumstances of Earth is non-think. Quit it.

I’m hoping for really out-of-the-box comments and thinking, not a showcase for what readers here think is relevant, based upon information and learning that is old-school and moribund.

For AI, read everything you can, not just a few things that narrow your focus to the point of intellectual idiocy.

And do that with everything else: work around narrow, uncreative mind-sets. UFO study, and a lot of other things deserve the effort(s).


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