UFO Conjectures

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Power of Facebook -- dammit!

This is a notification from Facebook about my MediaWatch page there:
As you can see, a recent posting about a media change in our area prompted 392 people (even more when I last looked) to respond or become engaged, and the number seeing the posting rivals the amount of people who access this blog, with far fewer engaged.

One can see why once UFO notables now resort to Facebook to be seen and get their messages (no matter how loopy or banal) before an audience.

Facebook is killing web-site and blog use, to the detriment of extended, useful dialogue about UFOs and everything else.

But it's the way things are and will be, for awhile, so one has to acquiesce to that reality.

(I rarely use my UFO oriented Facebook page, and the MediaWatch page gets more attention than I wish for, but there it is.)