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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Physics is God?

A repeat airing [6/2/16] about the Big Bang on Science Channel’s How the Universe Works, a physicist (not Michio Kaku, who was prominent in the show) said “It [the Big Bang] is almost magic -- the key word is almost. It's allowed by the laws of physics.”

That is as close to a religious statement, without being intently religious related, as one might find in a holy text.

But what struck me, and I’ve commented on this before, is that the scientists talking about the Big Bang (not Michio Kaku however) had a look in their eyes and gesticulations that were reminiscent of religious ecstats, some even appearing delusional with fanatic glee.

(When I visited Eloise Hospital – a Wayne County, Michigan hospital for the insane – during my psychology training, I saw those same eyes and gestures aplenty, among the “residents” of the facility.)

That creation could arise ex nihilo is beyond science. It’s a possibility if we have a God (or Supreme Intelligence) in charge of existence, or if the Universe and all of reality is a simulation, happening at the whim of what we could call a Super Programmer, or God.

I’m asking you to seek out the show, online, to see what I’m getting at.

The kind of irrational – and it is irrational – thinking provided by astrophysicists, as exampled in the Science program is what drove me from Astrophysics in college.

The premise – creation from nothing – is flawed, much as schizophrenic premises are flawed but often seem to have a logical following if one accepts the flawed premise, one of the fallacies of logic, as UFO notable Richard Hall always bemoaned, about the thinking of UFO buffs at UFO UpDates and elsewhere.

But I’ll take a cockamamie stance from a ufologist long before I’ll take the ravings of cosmologists about the Big Bang.