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Monday, June 06, 2016

An interesting e-mail from Joel Crook


I happened to be reading Louis Ginzberg's "Legends of the Jews" and came across the following descriptions of the inhabitants of other Earths. According to Jewish legend there are seven earths". Below you will find descriptions from the text of three of the "earths" which were created prior to this one:

"In the Ge, the fourth earth, live the generation of the Tower of Babel and their descendants. God banished them thither because the fourth earth is not far from Gehenna, and therefore close to the flaming fire. The inhabitants of the Ge are skillful in all arts, and accomplished in all departments of science and knowledge, and their abode overflows with wealth. When an inhabitant of our earth visits them, they give him the most precious thing in their possession, but then they lead him to the Neshiah, the fifth earth, where he becomes oblivious of his origin and his home. 

[The Fifth Earth], The Neshiah is inhabited by dwarfs without noses; they breathe through two holes instead. They have no memory; once a thing has happened, they forget it completely, whence their earth is called Neshiah, "forgetting." The fourth and fifth earths are like the Arka [the third Earth]; they have trees, but neither wheat nor any other of the seven species.

The sixth earth, the Ziah, is inhabited by handsome men, who are the owners of abundant wealth, and live in palatial residences, but they lack water, as the name of their territory, Ziah, "drought," indicates. Hence vegetation is sparse with them, and their tree culture meets with indifferent success. They hasten to any water spring that is discovered, and sometimes they succeed in slipping through it up to our earth, where they satisfy their sharp appetite for the food eaten by the inhabitants of our earth. For the rest, they are men of steadfast faith, more than any other class of mankind. 

So ti seems that the "Greys" and the "Nordics / Space Brothers" appeared in Jewish legend....

Or maybe some body read Ginzberg and fleshed out their stories with "dwarfs with no noses" or "handsome men of steadfast faith"

Then again the way the text reads "Adam" traveled to these various worlds with no mention of a "physical conveyance" and you will note that the inhabitants of Ziah sometimes they "slip into" our world.

Joel Crook

Ufology and the call (need?) for money

The Anomalist noted that The Daily Grail has a pressing need for member subscriptions to continue online publishing: $1 month, a beggarly amount, I feel.

Frank Warren, who is a “senior citizen” (a UFO geezer), who is presently ill (God bless him), has flocked his web-site, The UFO Chronicles, with advertising and goo-gaws to obtain a few shekels, which I’m sure would be helpful for his daily survival.

And we all know the personal plight of The Paracast's Gene Steinberg (God help him).

Then there are the long-time UFO money-grubbers, using UFOs to line their pockets, often exploiting UFO buffs and UFO lore, to the dismay of the more honest among us.

(The 2015 Roswell slide fiasco was a prime example of such exploitation.)

My feeling is that money corrupts all or most endeavors, whether its news media and television, or social media like Facebook or Twitter, et cetera.

If someone or some group wants to make money off of the UFO phenomenon, they’d better come up with unique and exhilarating new material about UFOs every time they put forth something UFO related.

To use the old stuff and other people’s efforts, to try and capture a few bucks, is loathsome, as I see it.

The Daily Grail is a better-than-good UFO/paranormal web-site, well worth a dollar or two from those who frequent the site.

And Mr. Warren’s cluttered site can insert all the ads he can get, if that keeps him from poverty or worse.

As for Mr. Steinberg, the less said the better.

UFOs are weird enough, as an intellectual topic. To make the phenomenon a source for a mercenary windfall makes me a little sick.