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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Keyhoe, Scully, and UFOs on CBS in 1958

Dominick mentioned, in a comment for my Wargames post (6/7/2016) the Armstrong Theater show of January 22, 1958, in which CBS seems to have cut the sound when Major Keyhoe was about to disclose something about flying saucers that CBS or the United States Air Force didn't want the public to hear.

Those who saw that show, then, or in a more recent UFO documentary, would see a conspiracy of silence in the sound black out.

I looked, on YouTube, for a clip of the show but could find none.

However, I did find a Mike Wallace interview with Donald Keyhoe, which is interesting I think:


And one with Major Keyhoe and Frank Scully, the author of Behind the Flying Saucers about the alleged 1948 Aztec crash:


Both "interview" segments provide the UFO mind-set in the late 1950s, but little more actually.

If anyone can find the "sound black out show," let me know. I'd like to put it online for the edification of conspiracy theorists or those who need to see why some UFO buffs are conspiracy theorists.