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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Instinct, thought, and consciousness in plants, sea life, and AI machines (on Earth or elsewhere)

Watching the BBC Channel’s Planet Earth: Life (hosted by David Attenborough) about plants and sea life Sunday [6/12/16] forces me to consider (somewhat) that which makes up thought, intelligence.

Consciousness is intrinsic to thought/intelligence while instinct is said to be “An organized and relatively complex mode of response, characteristic of a given species, that has been phylogenetically adapted to a specific type of environmental situation.” [H.C. Warren, Dictionary of Psychology, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1934]

“An instinct, according to Freud, is a primal trend or urge that cannot be further resolved. From the Freudian standpoint there are two primal instincts, those of life and of death. [Psychiatric Dictionary, Fourth Edition, Hinsie/Campbell, Oxford University Press, London, 1970, Page 400]

“Jung says that ‘the collective unconscious consists of the sum of the instincts and their correlates, the archetypes.’” [ibid, Page 401]

I only stress instincts here as almost everyone would adduce the behavior of sea life and plants, as shown on the BBC series, as instinctual, whereas I see an intelligence at work, primitive intelligence, but sometimes ingenious or creative.

I won’t go into the evolution of thought (or even instinct) here but rather will deal with thought and consciousness as it exists now, for humans (and plants, particularly, or sea life) and AI (artificial life in machines or extraterrestrial visitation via those things designated as UFOs).

Consciousness is an open and iffy topic among academics and science currently, but has been a rubric of philosophical thought since the Greeks and even earlier perhaps.

Yet, we all know what consciousness seems to be: awareness. Is that thought? Not necessarily, but it (consciousness) appears to be needed for thought, although some (my academic buddy Brian Sentes and maybe Eric Wargo) may think otherwise.

Our UFO cohort here, Dominick sees, as do I and Donald Keyhoe before us (along with many others), intelligent movement (or maneuvers) by the odd things spotted by hordes of people over the years and now called UFOs.

While watching the two series segments on the BBC Channel, one can see intelligent maneuvering and apparent thought by sea creatures and plants, for survival and mating, to procreate.

The machinations are deliberate and often brilliant, something more than instinctual as I see it.

Then there are the maneuvers and machinations of UFOs, as reported by normal, sensory adequate humans, some highly skilled at observation: police officers, pilots, scientists (a few admittedly), et al.

There is, of course, consciousness involved in the behavior of sea life, but even so in plants (and insects), as I’ve noted here and will say more about upcoming.

As for machine intelligence, I have to admit that there is not evidence for awareness or thought, yet, not even machine instinct, but many astute persons in today’s society (among computer cognoscenti mostly) see machine intelligence “evolving” (with human help) towards self-awareness and creative thinking.

But, in our area of concern here, one can see thought or intelligent behavior by UFOs, not apparent thought or intelligent behavior (instinct) but blatant, palpable intelligent behavior.

One can assume that such behavior is pressed upon UFOs by humans who have a predilection toward humanizing inanimate things, but the record is too overwhelming that UFOs often behave sensibly and creatively.

Yes, Zoam Chomsky will deny the reportage but there it is. If the records are accurate, and I think they basically are, one can see, reasonably, that UFOs are operated by or with intelligence, either Artificial Intelligence or conscious intelligence by something inside them with the ability to think.

Thought, creative or instinctual, if you will, shows up as a basic element of living things, whether plants, sea life, insects, or primates – even alien creatures should they be showing up here, sporadically and accidentally. (You know my feelings on this.)