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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Artificial Intelligence: Not to worry?

CNET article


An Anomalist link that is important to heed

Anomalist noted, 6/30/16, a link from EMN (Bringing Alternative News....Mainstream) about a September 16, 1994 UFO encounter near Ruwa, Zimbabwe.

The encounter, as you'll read, involved school children. It's a sighting we have examined here early on.

There are two videos: one with a young woman (now an adult) telling about "messages" she received from a being that debarked from the UFO. It's an interesting commentary on what she says she experienced. (Wait for the final few remarks; they are pertinent.)

Scroll down for the second video of Dr, John Mack interviewing the children shortly after the experience.

Note how he doesn't condescend to the children and how clearly and honestly they recount what occurred.

The John Mack video also has comments, at the end, from the grown children. Listen to that too.


Children, I have often written, do not prevaricate, generally, or in the framework of a group experience. (If they do, persons skilled in child psychology catch the fabrications readily.)

This is a sighting (encounter) that gives pause to those who deny alien visitations. Whether the beings and craft came from an extraterrestrial source is up for grabs, but there's no denying that the children actually had an unusual experience, one steeped in the UFO context.