UFO Conjecture(s)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Extraterrestrials walk among us?

Jeezo Christo……are UFO buffs and paranormalists crazy? 

Yes….definitely yes!

Mankind and its Earth are not the center of the Universe.

Humans have been promoting that canard for millennia, but it doesn’t fly for those with common sense or an acute awareness of the totality of the cosmos.

Earth is a backwater planet in a backwater Solar System; that’s an observational fact.

If an alien species were to encamp here, on this backwater planet, they’d be as lunatic as the inhabitants already here.

Man may be unique on Earth but is not the summa specia in the whole of creation; the inherent flaws in Earth’s humanity (sometimes referred to as “original sin” by religionists and some philosophers) tells us that.

Yet, readers here, and everywhere else in internet land, think man (us) is something special, one of a kind in the vast possibility of creative life.

And that UFOs, with an advanced species, have come here and continue to come here, some even lingering amidst this fetid society.

That kind of thinking is sheer madness, and in need of psychiatric attention.