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Monday, July 18, 2016

The Ariel School, Ruwa, Zimbabwe 1994 "UFO event" [Redux]

A few weeks back I noted the UFO/creature sighting, titled above.

That 1994 episode has been brought up again at Kevin Randle's blog, where he's listed his top 10 UFO sightings and someone slipped the Ariel School episode in, allowing comments from our friend Zoam Chomsky and a note from mon ami Gilles Fernandez who has written a psychological exegesis at his blog, which is a must-read for those who want to understand how UFO investigations go awry:


(Use the translator to read Gilles' posting in English.)

While Gille's evaluation of "contamination" is important and accurate, there are minute details among the school children's rendition of their "experience" that reside outside the contamination sobriquet.

The stories offered by the children, two months after the alleged UFO encounter, and told to Dr. John Mack, remained intact, and vivid, something that belies contamination, especially with children.

" ... contamination is a pathological response, pathognomonic of schizophrenia ..." [Psychiatric Dictionary, 4th Edition, Hinsie/Campbell]

Although Gilles is not using contamination in the psychiatric sense, but in the common parlance where one assumes that interactions between witnesses to an event affect and stimulate each other, as well may be the case in the Ariel sighting. But that's open to debate in this account of a strange being from a strange craft coming into contact with a bevy of school children.

The episode is not as easily written off as Zoam would make it, nor as easily explained as Gilles eruditely provides.

It's a fascinating case study for psychologists or sociologists, and "ufologists."


Come on......be intelligent

Do you still think that Earth is a place that an advanced species would visit, as often as UFO reports indicate, when there are so many other places open to and inviting visitation?

And don't give me that "next door" argument; i.e., ETs close by, in The Milky Way, are the visitors.

A truly advanced alien species would traverse the Universe cataloging other life forms. and not spend so much time hovering around this hell-hole.