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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The gods punish or kill those who penetrate truth. (Ufologists needn’t worry.)

If one looks at the history of oblique mayhem that occurs to creative human beings, one has to be struck at the cruel happenstances that are more than coincidental or fate: it’s purposeful.

A few prime examples for me are Beethoven’s deafness and Stephen Hawking’s ALS,

But there is plenty more: James Joyce’s blindness, Chopin’s TB, Julius Caesar’s epilepsy,
Jesus Christ’s schizophrenia, and on and on…

What I’m seeing is that those who excel and approach an awareness of reality as it truly is are punished by the gods or God, who are either jealous of mankind’s grasp of truths, after eating of the fruit of knowledge in the Garden of Eden, or who don’t want humans to discover the reality in which they find themselves.

In the UFO world, on can discount those who promote explanations for UFOs but remain unpunished: David Rudiak, Michah Hanks, Brad Steiger, Stanton Friedman, Jerome Clark, and dozens of others who are unscathed by the gods even though these ufologists think they’ve uncovered the truth about UFOs.

They haven’t, or else they would suffer punishments of some kind, or even early death.

(Maybe some of those UFO theorists – M.K. Jessup, Ruppelt, Jim McDonald, John Mack, Mac Tonnies, et al. – who were taken from us sooner than one would expect from actuarial tables data, were abreast of the truth, but halted from getting it out to society, by the gods.)

Either way, approaching the truth, in art, philosophy, science, and even ufology, one should be wary of the gods.

The gods are malicious, and always have been.

If you think it’s just fate, then fate is malicious too.

You have been warned.


A mis-step for Hawking?

This was in my Facebook feed:
Hasn't Hawking ever considered the UFO phenomenon?