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Friday, July 29, 2016

Jose Antonio Caravaca's new Roswell book

Our UFO associate and comrade, Spanish researcher/investigator Jose Antonio Caravaca, announced the publication of his book, in Spanish (so far) about Roswell at his Facebook page.

Hundreds of well-wishes and congratulatory comments for him there.

We wish him hefty recognition for the hard-work he put into this effort and hope his book zooms right to the top of the best-seller list in Europe (and eventually here).


I was worried about Kevin Randle (but not any longer)

Everyone knows I love Kevin Randle.....

But lately he's rehashing old UFO cases as if they were relevant. And now he's placed, at his blog [kevinrandle.blogspot.com] a photo that allegedly shows an "alien" residing next to a "portal" (whatever that means):
The original photo as that of a sheep mutilation that housed, subliminally, a captured image (above) of a supposed extraterrestrial.

The whole photograph is copyrighted, so I can't show it, but you can see it at Kevin's blog where Kevin relates the story of how he came to see and now show the photograph. It's a cockeyed story.

As a few comments, by his followers indicate, presenting such nonsense is infuriating.

It's no wonder that sane, rational people (scientists among them) eschew the UFO topic.

Kevin, come back to us, buddy. Such things as this doesn't show you going off the deep-end, does it?

N.B. Kevin has updated his blog post, because some of us were baffled by it, missing his nuanced dismissal of the photo as an alien photograph.