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Sunday, July 31, 2016

How UFO witnesses see…..

Hieronymus Bosch [Jheronimus van Aken], whose art is being displayed by several museums as part of the 500 year celebration of his death in 1516, is noted for seeing through reality and presenting his visions in paintings that are often grotesque but oddly beautiful:
The New York Review of Books has an homage to Bosch in its August 18th issue, The Mystery of Hieronymus Bosch by Ingrid D. Rowland [Page 12 ff.]

How do artists see the world? In many ways…

Abstractly (like Picasso):
Imaginatively (like Botticelli):
Impressionistically (like Monet):
Madly (like Van Gogh):
Or realistically (like the Hudson School of Artists):
This gives us an idea about how UFO witnesses might see (and report) the things they call UFOs.

That is, each person, even those who have no creative genius like that of the artists depicted above, sees the world as they neurologically perceive it.
Thus, UFO researchers should take into account how or why witnesses to alleged UFOs report their “sightings.”

The ingrained mind-set of UFO sighters is essential to determine what they saw and how they reported what they saw.

Is that being done? Has it been done? Not effectively, if at all.