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Monday, August 01, 2016

One more indication we are inconsequential....

From my Facebook feed:

Ufology’s moorings and today’s hodge-podge of sightings (and life events)

Noticing my pageviews lately – visitors passing through but not leaving even a token comment (good, bad, stupid, et cetera) – I’m struck, again, at why old UFO cases still resonate and provoke UFO buffs.
It seems that, from the recent past [1950 to 1970 approximately], UFO events, and related cultural artifacts [sci-fi movies, books, TV shows] we find UFO aficionados moored (anchored) to things that have stuck in our nostalgic memory.

In ufology, we remember fondly (and sometimes not so fondly) those who were prominent in the field of UFO sightings: Keyhoe, Keel, Friedman, Barker, Moseley, even Klass et al.

And we recall and regurgitate sightings that struck a cord with us and the public too: Ken Arnold’s iconic sighting, Roswell, the Trent photos, the Villas Boas event, the Hill's alleged abduction, Travis Walton's experience (true or not), the Flatwoods incident, and so on.

Then sightings, became banal: the Phoenix lights, Stephenville, the O’Hare airport appearance, and others.

As life now is speeding along, information and activity rushed, UFO activity (sightings and debate) also rushed, facile and loose, not moored to substantiality.

We all are suffused with flip experiences, daily: Facebook postings, binged TV shows, fallow travels, and other superficial activity, posing as worthwhile life experiences, yet anything but…

We UFO peons, resting in the afterglow (or shadow) of those that have gone before, who have left a residue of intriguing ufological detritus, find ourselves on the cusp of evanescent froth, captivating no one, or few, struggling to make a mark, with no hope of truly doing so.

This is why so many have left the UFO field: Paul Kimball, Lance Moody, Jerome Clark, and others.

They recognize the futility of UFO fame, and a world that has moved on to frivolities that enchant one like the momentary orgasm after sex play.

It’s sad but, at least, some of us have The Day The Earth Stood Still, The Thing (From Another World), The Invaders, The Socorro sighting, the Pascagoula incident, and other memorable items to fall back on, for reverie and ufological sustenance.

Life is good, as a memory, not as a contemporary reality.