UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

What has anyone learned from (or about) UFOs? Nada, zilch, zip, bupkis….

Ancient Astronaut theorists insist that extraterrestrials seeded humanity and taught its progeny to build artifacts while providing assistance with the vicissitudes of survival.

But non-ET aided humans circumvented the alleged ET-proffered advice and teachings, even the supposed ET help in building edifices, eventually doing an end-run around the primitive constructions [pyramids, stone monuments, city-states, et cetera], creating buildings and living venues that, while not as long-lived as the primitive constructs, have been more practical, economically feasible, and ingenious.

AA’s ETs brought nothing to the practical evolutionary thrusts of humanity, nothing of long-lasting value, except, perhaps, an elemental aesthetic.

Skipping forward to the modern era of flying saucers or UFOs, what has the phenomenon brought to the table of humankind’s advancement?

Even allowing for the crazy ET-oriented back-engineering of alleged crashed UFOs, where is any evidence that UFOs have supplied something(s) worthwhile, in aviation or anything else?

The phenomenon shows up, creates surprise and awe (sometimes), then departs, leaving nothing of substance in it evanescent wake.

Mankind or society has garnered not a whit of anything worthwhile from the appearances of UFOs.

Sure, UFO supposedly exhibit speed and aerial machinations, but has any of that been useful, even if back-engineered [haha], to mankind or its militaries? No, not at all.

Those alleged encounters with “beings” that seem to debark from flying saucers or UFOs have introduced nothing of practical or impractical value to human beings, then or now.

The phenomenon is a bust, worthy of a kaleidoscopic experience and that’s about it.

UFOs have given us nothing and continue to give us nothing, even those UFOs that apparently contain advanced beings from galaxies far, far away.


One for ET Advocates