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Saturday, August 06, 2016

The Phallic God(s) and UFOs

A review of the classic Greek Homosexuality [Bloomsbury, PB, $39.95] by noted Brit Professor K.J. Dover appeared in TLS [Times Literary Supplement] of July 29th, 2016.

The reviewer, Tim Whitmarsh, wrote this:

“The idea still persists today in some of scholarship that phallic hierarchies organized sexual life for the Greeks.” [Page 15]

That statement brought to mind my study of Phallic worship in antiquity, and the notion that the Jewish God, Yahweh, was obsessed with male genitalia.

InterAmerica, my company, published my tract The Biblical Paradigm for Homosexuality in which I list the many Hebrew Bible accounts of Yahweh’s pathological concern with circumcision and male private parts.

And I’ve often cited the moment in the Old Testament [Exodus 4:24] in which Yahweh rushes to where Moses was traveling to kill Moses, but is stopped by Moses’ wife Sepphora who cut off her son’s foreskin touching it to Yahweh’s or her son’s feet, the text is not clear, halting Yahweh’s rage.

But the Jews are not alone in citing God’s pathetic obsession.

Many cultures of ancient times revered gods who were represented with endowed phalluses, Here are a few:

(Some images from web-sites noted in the image title.)

And you, who don’t have books about this, can find more about this at these Wikipedia sites:

Now what’s my point?

Ancient Astronaut theorists and many UFO-ET believers try to instill in people that the supposed gray aliens, often touted as the UFO beings, are extraterrestrials visiting Earth.

But gray aliens are without genitalia.
(Again see sources for images in image titles.)

How did many of the ancient gods end up with prominent sexual parts if the ancient gods were, allegedly, “grays”?

Where did the healthily endowed gods go? And what happened to their profound phallic appendages?

Can one still accept the idea that gray alien beings are the gods of old and still visiting humankind, even though they were and are a sexual embarrassment?

N.B. Images above come from StygianPort, Inquisitr, AlienResistance, and museum sites.