UFO Conjectures

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dreams, the Multiverse, and UFOs

Pictured are a most of my books on Dreams and/or Dreaming. (I’ve read others and have Jung’s books on the topic and, of course, Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams).
It seems possible to me that dreams, still not explained by psychologists, neurologists, or anomalists either, might be our unconscious minds accessing those parallel universes or dimensions where our “other selves” reside.

Dreaming gives us a glimpse of what we’re doing in parallel existences, according to the hypotheses of those who think reality consists of many universes, or the multiverse theory.

The concept intrigues me.

This opens the door to the possibility that UFOs also sneak into our “reality” – outside of dreams – and then disappear or are taken back to the “other dimensions” or “universes” from which they come.

Why they appear or why they may be “called back” can only be addressed by wild speculation. There are no scientific parameters that can approach the matter(s).

Even mathematical disciplines are stumped, just as have been the theorizing of philosophers, psychologists, and neurologists.

But examine your dreams and you’ll see that they often include you doing things that somewhat resembling what has happened to you in your “real” daily life, even as contorted as the dream content is. After all, the dream represents another life or another reality to which you are connected somehow.