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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

And some of you think Earth is an alien tourist site.....

SETI hopeful but skeptical about alien radio signal

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Space Nuts

I watch CNBC (the investment channel) regularly because I have a blog devoted to it.

The anchors like to showcase, sometimes, persons involved with or investing in anything space related.

The main space players, outside the government, are Elon Musk [Tesla], Jeff Bezos [Amazon], and Richard Branson [Virgin Airlines].

They provide constrained, normal interviews.

But when CNBC has an investor on-air, such as Steve Jurvetson who is a space buff, nuts about commercial enterprises that are space related (interviewed by CNBC’s Josh Lipton, Wednesday, 8/31/16), one can see a dreamy encounter with someone who is little too giddy about their passion.

Mr. Jurvetson is an example of those, often mentioned here (at this blog), who exhibit hysterical interest in outer space: the Ancient Alien devotees, the UFO ET believers, and scientists (physicists, cosmologists, et al.).

Persons absorbed by things off the Earth appear a little cock-eyed. They are overly manic or ecstatic about outer space and space enterprises.

Ecstasy, often the state of holy saints, is defined by psychiatry as a “trance-state in which religious ideation or similar ideas of dedication and complete surrender occupy almost the entire field of consciousness.” [Psychiatric Dictionary, Fourth Edition, Hinsie/Campbell, Page 245]

This state of euphoria is rampant, as I’ve noted, when physicists and other scientists go amok when they are talking about their profession/discipline. They are not composed or intellectually dignified as one remembers Carl Sagan to be.

Why is this?

These people, men and women, (like UFO aficionados) will never see the results of their studies (or a UFO explanation) in their life-time.

They have set aside life experiences for pie-in-the-sky as it were: an escape from reality.

The demeanor is psychopathic and aberrant.

Just as religious fanatics look over their living horizons to an afterlife, in Heaven, space nuts are just as fervidly “crazy.”

Watch interviewees and narrators about outer space, and UFOs. You’ll see, sometimes subliminally, signs of a retreat to cognizance that is schizophrenic in nature or nearly so.

It’s the ongoing madness that some of us have to deal with when we follow UFO topics, Facebook postings, and programs with scientists who are involved with NASA or any space related occupation.