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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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The Sea Peoples

More interesting to me than imagined extraterrestrials...
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Have UFOs influenced human evolution, human history, human anything? No!

UFO buffs will cite early or ancient UFO sightings as important but they (the UFO sightings/reports) only indicate something odd was seen in the sky (or on the ground).

And I noted, in a 2013 posting here, that one image in the sky (a UFO or divine apparition) did affect humanity:

“In the whole of the UFO and UFO-like litany of sightings and events, there is only one that has affected human evolution or social evolution: the 312 A.D. appearance of a flaming cross during a battle near the Roman Milvian (or Mulvian) Bridge.

That sighting, by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, helped establish the Holy Roman Catholic Church or religion, which controlled the lives and activities of Western civilization’s humankind, up until the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.”

But that’s it.

UFOs have not and do not permeate any aspect of human existence, not human art, not human economics, not human sport, not human activity of any kind.

Even when militaries tried to emulate a flying saucer design, the efforts went nowhere.

The emphasis on UFOs by some elements in human society – the odd balls – is a sad commentary on human intelligence. It’s the one area where one sector – fortunately a very small sector -- of humanity has been affected by UFOs (or flying saucers).

Even weeds or locusts have affected humankind more than UFOs have.

So, why do some of us dwell on the evanescent phenomenon? You tell me.