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Monday, September 19, 2016

The Socorro Symbol Problem

When it comes to deciphering the symbol seen by Police Officer Lonnie Zamora in 1964, there is a major glitch.

Which insignia represents the actual symbol he saw?
The story, magnified by eccentric UFO buff Ray Stanford, is that the Air Force asked Office Zamora to sign a bogus image, allegedly the arrow with a cupola, to expose hoaxers who might claim they had a sighting of a craft, and used the cupola insignia for witness authenticity. The Air Force anticipated the real symbol, the inverted V with three lines through it, to be what an actual sighter would see.

A few questions…

Why a need for such a convoluted scenario? Did the Air Force know that craft with a real symbol might show up in a raft of new sightings? It’s an odd ploy.

So odd, that I discount the story as it exists. Something doesn’t add up, but that’s usually the case with a Stanford UFO account.

To add a red herring to a thorough and exemplary observation baffles.

And it’s possible that the inverted V was the bogus symbol, to throw off investigators and the public, flummoxing an actuality – that the craft was a military/CIA construct commissioned by the government using Howard Hughes’ Toolco and/or Hughes Aircraft under contract by Raven Industries, a CIA front, which I’ve covered amply many times here and elsewhere.

Somehow the Air Force attempted to perplex/bewilder those hoping to determine what Lonnie Zamora saw. And it worked.

Here we are struggling to explain the sighting and its mysterious symbol, 50+ years later.

Was or is Stanford part of the “disinformation”?

Like Frank Mannor in the 1966 Ann Arbor/Dexter “swamp gas” event, Lonnie Zamora threw up his hands and removed himself from the incident, experiencing all the waywardness of the Air Force, Hynek, and others, even Stanford himself.

(The anecdote that when Officer Zamora’s daughter asked what really happened, he, Zamora, pointed to Stanford’s bizarrely titled book and said, “He got it right” is strictly apocryphal.)

I’ll have a note on the symbol/insignia, the case’s “smoking gun,” upcoming.