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Friday, September 23, 2016

Three Books: Ray Palmer, UFOs and Hollywood, and Cave Art (a neuroscientific view)

I just got this 2013 book from Daedalus Books and will present some of the material upcoming.

Palmer, as most of you know, was a showman and entertaining con-man (or con-artist).

Much of the early flying saucer mythos derives from his efforts to promote himself and his enterprises.

I find him intriguing and an archetypal figure representing many in the past and current UFO community (or ufology if you wish).
But first, I'm enchanted by Robbie Graham's deliciously satisfying rendition of the flying saucer/UFO history and how Hollywood has presented the phenomenon or been affected by it.

Robbie's book makes a great introduction to the saga of flying saucers and/or UFOs.

The opening pages put Zoam Chomsky's erratic but vibrant anti-UFO spiels in their place. (No, Robbie doesn't mention Zoam but provides a view that eradicates Zoam's insistence that UFOs do not exist and have never existed.)

Robbie leans toward an ET explanation for the phenomenon, with which I disagree, but his view is not only reasonable but erudite, as I noticed earlier.

I'll be presenting gems from this splendid book sporadically here; it's a superb read.

Then I got this 2009 book, also from Daedalus:
The Creative Ice Age Brain: Cave Art in the Light of Neuroscience by Barbara Olins Alpert.

Books about primitive (cave art) disrupts the foolishness of the Ancient Astronaut crowd by positing that early humans came to their senses without the intervention of extraterrestrial beings.

I'll provide some commentary on this upcoming, too.

(I only wish that readers here would co-operate and add to my ramblings with incendiary but intellectual comments that edify me and others.)

Now order Robbie Graham's book and maybe the Palmer item. You won't be disappointed by either and will certainly enjoy Robbie's effort.


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