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Monday, September 26, 2016

Haha from Physics-Astronomy (in my Facebook feed)

The Roswell Slides: A Retrospective

Kevin Randle mentions, at his blog [kevinrandle.blogspot.com], in a piece about a Tom Carey interview that his readers can find my take on the slides (which, by the way, started in 2013 and went all the way through to 2015 and that Mexico fiasco).

Kevin suggests that those still interested can come to this blog and input, in the search bar at the upper left of the opening page, Roswell Slides, and they will get my views about the slides, some of the views not flattering to Kevin, at the time.

So, for those of you who are still interested -- can this be so? -- type in Roswell Slides, above left, in the search bar and have at it.

(One disgruntled with and envious person of this blog keeps trying to insinuate that my part in the slides farce is other than what it really was. You can find my actual take on the Roswell slides by reading what I was writing about them, at the time.)

I thank my pal Kevin Randle for his judicious attention to my meager output here. He's one of the few objective, honest persons in the UFO community and that is significant.