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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Forever unsolved [UFO] mysteries?

This is Page 6 of the Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller’s Catalog of Bargain Books.

The orange highlights are books about JFK’s assassination. There are three other pages of JFK assassination themed book, Pages 5, 7, and 8, altogether listing about 50 JFK books, (give or take).

Some are the first books about the assassination by JFK assassination researchers, such as Mark Lane, Harold Weisberg, Vincent Bugliosi, Bill O’Reilly, et al.

The murder of President Kennedy has been, since 1963, scrutinized in minute detail by persons hoping to solve that major incident, but to no avail, and not for trying.

Some of the writers spent their whole lives, and a few are still at it, hoping to uncover what really happened in November 1963.

This kind of obsession is akin to the 1947 Roswell incident, or Socorro, currently reduxed by Kevin Randle at his blog, and other classic UFO cases, again to no avail.

While the JFK writers exerted and still exert diligent and exhaustive investigation into JFK’s assassination and its aftermath, UFO investigators are not, generally as astute or thorough as the JFK researchers.

We come away with a few observations about this:

Secrets can be kept and due diligence will not expose secrets, unless there is a “smoking gun” and, more importantly, investigation is daunting and UFO “researchers” are loath to exert real, meaningful effort to pursue UFO elements that might explain the phenomenon.

This goes to Kevin’s current post about the Socorro insignia, drawn by Police Officer Lonnie Zamora, because the symbol has been compromised as he notes in his post which you can read at kevinrandle.blogspot.com

The authentic symbol was mucked up and continues to be mucked up by UFO tyros and those who didn’t follow research protocols back in 1964: Ray Stanford, Allen Hynek, and others.

Kevin has thrown up his hands in the matter it seems, just as his plea for a deciphering of the Roswell/Ramey memo has been sidelined because it seems too difficult to clarify, even though there are technologies able to do so, many of them suggested by me awhile back, from articles about methods used to decipher artist signatures, encrusted or hidden by overlays of paint and other methodologies that are used to decipher muddled script, like The Dead Sea Scrolls.

The actual Socorro symbol seen and drawn by Officer Zamora can be discovered if one sets aside the nonsense of biased and amateur “ufologists,” past and present.

And the Ramey memo can be deciphered if money is applied to acquire a professional organization to do the work, money well spent on a significant mystery rather than used to prop up a destitute UFO panhandler or applied to get junk and bad books at UFO conferences.

Of course, like the JFK “conspiracy,” UFO cases [Roswell, the Trent photos, Socorro, the 1966 “swamp gas” sighting, et cetera] may be as seemingly impossible to explain (forever?), but it would be better to fail by making real attempts to solve such UFO mysteries than to push them in the background by folly and fallacious or superficial investigations.