UFO Conjectures

Thursday, October 06, 2016

The demise of [UFO] blogging and internet “writing”

I did a piece for my Facebook MediaWatch page about the decline of television among today’s younger generation. (Some TV broadcasters are using “televideo” to describe their operations, eschewing “television” as the sobriquet for what they do.)

But, here, we’re dealing with reading online, blogging particularly, which is a kind of e-book short story or online newspaper clipping for some of us.

(A few “bloggers” use the form like a web-page, Kevin Randle for instance, with the ease of comments that web-pages make difficult.)

Blogs were set-up to be a kind of daily diary or musings for one’s friends and adopted followers.

I try to post daily here, but that flummoxes UFO buffs, who are an older lot, generally, that find it difficult to cope with a changing input, they, slavishly, beholden to a slower reading regimen.

Podcasts are popular among the young and videos are the prime medium that enthuses that segment of society.

Some former UFO notables have succumbed to the superficial “likes” at Facebook, trading their once thoughtful musings for mumblings that invite meaningless responses that are as evanescent as a snow flurry.

Fortunately, blogs and web-page input end up in an internet “cemetery” from which they can be exhumed for anyone interested in past ruminations.

(I often get comments for old postings, some as far back as 2006, from persons who haven’t caught up with today.)

Facebook comments and “likes” disappear shortly after they appear, along with the often dreary and self-serving ego postings that engulf the Facebook universe.

But, that aside, blogging is on its way out also, millennials too busy looking for instant gratifications of a sexier, current kind to assuage their flippant life-styles.