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Friday, October 07, 2016

Another missed opportunity to decipher the Roswell Ramey memo

The Science Channel’s 10/4/2016 airing of NASA’s Unexplained Files provided a segment about a NASA computer program, VISAR, that was used and is used to unclutter blurry photographs.

In the segment, VISAR helped authorities to determine an explosive device and the person who planted the device from a 15 second, obscure video taken by a bystander to an event in Atlanta.

The computer program is used by police and other agencies to get clues to crimes.

This VISAR program could be used to declutter the Roswell Ramey memo, if anyone can get authorities or NASA to authorize its use.

(Doesn’t anyone watch these programs on Science, History, of Destination America?)

Isn’t there an empathetic cop or NASA official who might help the UFO community to unravel one of its nagging mysteries?

Where is David Rudiak in all this? He and others have been offered suggestions for deciphering the Ramey memo but, instead, he and interested parties choose to go the amateur route and ignore possible sources that might be useful for removing the mystery of what was on the Ramey paper.
I don’t get it.

N.B. The VISAR program is online for (free) download.