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Monday, October 24, 2016

I thank Anomalist....again.

The only reason I keep at this blog is that there are readers (or persons who check it out, superficially anyway).

The spikes come when Anomalist notes a posting here, and I appreciate that my friends there take time to note my ramblings.

I have other blogs that need and get my attention, but this one was created only for UFO enthusiasts, even those who read it but don't react.


A snake in Rome....not a UFO story but odd

Some time ago I found this passage in a book about the Shroud of Turin by Ian Wilson. 
The passage fascinated me, but I couldn't find anything more about the snake incident, searching everywhere for something more definitive. 

I even had several journalists look for something that might elucidate the episode. 

Recently I submitted a query and the book excerpt to Chris Aubeck's Magonia Exchange, and got (only) this reply: 
The reference from Magonia might be the incident, but the time-frame is wrong, unless Wilson's date of 846 A.D. (or CE if you prefer) is wrong. 

So, I'm asking if any one of our intrepid readers knows more about the alleged panic in Rome by a snake -- any date, any place in the city? 


From my Facebook [Tesla] feed...

AA theorists have got to love this....