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Friday, October 28, 2016

Ufologists and the UFO Enigma: A Metaphor


Kevin Randle’s “radio” show with Ray Stanford

First off, let me ask why programs and podcasts about UFOs (and the paranormal) always open with god-awful “music” and in Kevin’s show, like Greg Bishop’s Radio Misterioso, an announcer’s voice augmented by echo or weirdly enhanced effect?

Such odd, off-putting “embellishment” skews the potential listening audience away from normal folks to those UFO buffs or paranomalists who are a bit wacky.

This undercuts the purposes of such shows, which is, I assume, to bring odd topics to the forefront of rational people who should see off-kilter subject matter as part of the human experience.

Ufologists and paranormalists are their own worst enemies.

Now, what about Kevin’s interviewee, Ray Stanford, who Kevin touts as the author of the primary book about the 1964 Socorro UFO event?

Mr. Stanford, now a UFO geezer, like many of us who remain encased in the UFO phenomenon, went to Socorro, enveloped in an ET bias.

But all of you know that.

As a former newspaper/TV reporter, I find the idea of a person with an intrinsic bias gathering information about a newsworthy event offensive in the extreme.

Objectivity and journalistic acumen are gone from the get-go.

Mr. Stanford’s book and opinions about Socorro are flotsam to me and other reasonable persons.

That my pal Kevin chose to highlight Mr. Stanford and his book is distressing in the extreme.

I expect an ET advocate like David Rudiak to laud Mr. Stanford and his oddly titled work but Kevin Randle?

I don’t get why some UFO aficionados continue to kill their credibility by associating their UFO legacy and diligent investigation of the phenomenon with a person whose UFO work is iffy, in my estimation.

I just don’t get it…..there is a kind of madness in ufology that is epidemic and ubiquitous.