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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The Coming of the Madness….er, Saucers

On page 126 of Fred Nadis’ account of the life of Ray Palmer, The Man From Mars: Ray Palmer’s Amazing Pulp Journey [Penguin Group, NY, 2013] the author [Nadis] writes that Kenneth Arnold, on his way to interview Harold Dahl and Fred Crisman, who were the main “characters” involved in the alleged Maury Island flying saucer tale of July 1947 and recounted in Palmer and Arnold’s 1952 book The Coming of the Saucers, saw, while flying over Oregon, what he took at first to be a flock of ducks, “but then concluded [they] were approximately twenty-five brass-colored objects maneuvering in the sky.

“They were thin, about thirty inches [sic] in diameter, flew flat and also wheeled on edge. He [Arnold] took film footage but admitted that of the twenty-five objects only two could be seen and these “only under a jeweler’s glass.”

Has anyone in the UFO community seen this footage or a photo from it?

Is it online anywhere?


If we live in a Matrix, then …

Current thinking in some scientific quarters is that there is a “super intelligence” [God?] providing a holographic matrix that we humans experience as life.

Our consciousness is programmed to tap into this matrix.

Here is some of the thinking about this:

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What this leads to is the concept of God, re-envisioned by science.

Consider that if we are in a matrix, created and continually updated by a super-intelligence or intelligences, such “creators” (or “game players”) have a very complicated set of programming code they are dealing with and have dealt with.

That is, each microscopic aspect of life as recorded by human minds and aspects occurring now, are or have been programmed in details so profound that only “a being than which nothing greater can be conceived” could be the creator.

That’s the ontological argument for God by Anselm, about which you can read HERE

The matrix hypothesis seems “insane” by me, and goes to the current thinking that alien life abounds in the universe, which is a probability, with a slight tinge, by science and other thinkers, that UFOs may be harbingers of that alien life.

But isn’t that just a reversion to the idea of God (or gods)?

We are living in a matrix, that’s certain, a matrix of madness.