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Monday, November 21, 2016

A Rebuttal to Non-Locality (quantum entanglement)?

A review by Tim Holt in The New York Review of Books [11/10] about George Musser's book on the quantum theory of entanglement (covered here a few weeks back) has received a "clarification" (cleansing) by theoretical physicist Jeremy Bernstein in the December 8, 2016 issue of The NYRB,  Page 62.

Dr. Bernstein wrote that the idea of faster than light quantum entanglement espoused  by some is patently absurd.

And Tim Holt responds, showing that there is as much back-and-forths in science as there is in the folly known as ufology, the difference being that ufology's arguments are often goofy whereas debates in science, while often scintillating, are based in a reserved decorum, as you can see in the encapsulated article here:
(I've left the piece in a major pixel mode so you can click on it to read it.)


A Scientist rips off Theology….sort of….

The Anomalist provided a link Monday [11/21] about an article by Columbia University astrophysicist Caleb Scharf.

Scharf proposes an intriguing but odd idea that alien life is everywhere, within us even and it evolved into an advanced intelligence over the billions of years after the Big Bang.

Here’s a link to the article: SCHARF

Dark Matter (and I think Scharf meant dark Energy too) hides or cloaks an advanced, ubiquitous life, and Scharf goes further by speculating that math equations are not means to an end but the ends themselves; that is, equations are life itself or living things, the living “intelligence” that controls the universe, life itself, and consciousness too.

(Some scientists have offered the proposition that Math – equations – may be God.)

This is, of course, seems to be madness, lunacy actually.

The great Jesuit scholar and theologian, Teilhard de Chardin gave a view in his magnificent (once banned by the Church) book, The Divine Milieu (which I’ve covered here and at our other blogs many times).

“Christ today is not just Jesus of Nazareth risen from the dead, but rather a huge, continually evolving Being as big as the universe. In this colossal, almost unimaginable Being each of us lives and develops in consciousness, like living cells in a huge organism. At various times, theologians have described this great Being as the Total Christ, the Cosmic Christ, the Whole Christ, the Universal Christ or the Mystical Body of Christ.

“With the help of all the human sciences as well as the scriptures, Teilhard shows how we—the cells and members of the Body of Christ—can participate in and nurture the life of the Total Christ. He also shows, thanks to the continuing discoveries of science, how we can begin to glimpse where that great Being is headed …”

Click HERE for Wikipedia’s take on Teilhard.

The Scharfian idea is non-biological whereas Tielhard’s theological suggestion has a biological patina to it, but both are in a realm that is similar.

And both are seemingly absurd, but that’s what physicists appear to be – absurd – and some theologians too, although I am an avid fan of Teilhard and have been since my early seminarian training (by Jesuits, as some of you know).